Another Big Reason to Love Soap Nuts: They Are Multi-taskers

A couple years back I decided to try washing other things with Soap Nuts, just to see how well it worked. I made a liquid from them and used that to wash the toilets, the sinks, the dishes. I made a scrub with baking soda and Soap Nuts liquid and scrubbed at my stove top. I even used the scrub in the shower and used it as an exfoliant. It worked great!

I also washed my hair by scrubbing my scalp with baking soda. Then I poured some Soap Nuts liquid on my hair, rubbed that in really well, gave myself a conditioning rinse with vinegar, and thoroughly rinsed with clear water (so I wouldn't smell like a pickle!).
Side note: do an internet search on "poo-less," and you'll find tons of information, if you are curious about learning more. Or you can go here to find out more from this lady, who has a very good explanation on the whole process and how to get started. Another lady blogger, whom I just love, talks about another process here to wash your hair with clay which seems interesting to me as well.

All of these different ways to clean with Soap Nuts worked. Some worked just as well or even better than the products I could buy from the store, but I did learn a few things.

  • Soap Nuts are not a stain remover.
  • Soap Nuts are not a whitener.
  • Vigorously rinse the baking soda out of your hair before adding vinegar, unless you want bubbles all over your head!
  • Soap Nuts liquid must be refrigerated, as it is a natural product with no preservatives and it will spoil if left out.
  • Likewise, Soap Nuts will not stay in your refrigerator for more than about a week before it will spoil. So keep the majority of the liquid in the freezer and take it out when you need it.
  • Strain the Soap Nuts liquid very well before adding it to a spray bottle, else the tiny bits will clog up your sprayer.
  • And most importantly I learned, contrary to what some people have been taught, that water cleans things, not suds! Soap softens the water so it can do its job more effectively, but all those bubbles you are used to seeing with the regular soap you buy at the store? Those are a company trick to make you think you are getting better results. So don't worry about the lack of suds with Soap Nuts. And that antibacterial soap? Forget about it! Under most circumstances, antibacterial soap can actually be worse for you to use than plain soap and water. 

In the end, I went back to shampooing my hair with shampoo because it was just easier. But I found a healthier alternative for my hair that doesn't have sulfates (that are drying and damaging to hair). It is a bit more expensive than the cheap shampoos I had gone with before, but so much less expensive than the fancy shampoos I had tried in the past that made no noticeable difference in my hair at all.

Although now that I'm writing this blog, I am considering going back to poo-less. Hmm... I'll think about it. :) But I will certainly wait until summer break, so I can stay home for a couple weeks during the transition process! ha-ha!

I also went with another all-purpose cleaner instead of bothering with making liquid and storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. However, I did find a healthy alternative and use a product that is all-natural and non-toxic. And with the price coming in at around $1 a bottle, it is much less expensive than the cheapest toxic cleaners I can find at the grocery store.

So if I had to and something crazy happened - like a job loss or something - I know that I can, with a little effort, make Soap Nuts work for general cleaning on the body and around the house. And that gives me peace of mind.

I hope that you feel free to share the reasons why you love Soap Nuts so much. And if you haven't tried them yet, get some and then you'll see why Soap Nuts are THE favorite product in my home!

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Julie Chisholm
04/08/2013 12:56pm

I like boiling the soapnuts and using the resulting liquid as my laundry soap. I measure it out just like I would if I were using laundry detergent. I get 2 or 3 pots of boiled liquid out of just a few of the berries.

Soapnuts are also good for our water garden - it helps rid it of algae. And it doesn't harm the environment! Not sure if it would hurt fish - we don't have fish in our small pond.

04/08/2013 1:50pm

You are so right! Boiling the Soap Nuts produces more liquid than some might think!

And it is nice to know the environmental impact is ZERO. :)

04/08/2013 1:12pm

Ok, I'm intrigued! And, I had to laugh at the idea of you putting the vinegar on your head while still having some baking soda in there! I would do something like that! Kind of like the time I coated my hair in coconut oil, slept on it, thinking it would just rinse right out in the morning, yet forgetting that it hardens when cool. I had some panicky moments the next day!

04/08/2013 1:52pm

Ha-ha, Debbie! It must have taken you forever to get the coconut oil out of your thick hair. Poor thing!


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