Soap Nuts are great to do your laundry with if you have a sensitive nose or allergies. They have no added chemicals, dyes, or perfumes. But, if you miss sweetly-scented laundry, here's a solution for you.

Love Soap Nuts, but get frustrated opening the laundry bag, and you don't want to make your own Soap Nuts Liquid?

Here's a tip:

Cut the string off the laundry bag, and sew a strip of hook-and-loop fasteners! Easy open, easy close. Problem solved!

Got another tip? Let us know!

Or do you have a question or problem? Be sure to ask, and I'll do my best to help you out.

Until next time... happy cleaning!

Or at least, better cleaning! :-)
Wondering what to do to help concerning West, Texas and surrounding area after the explosion yesterday? At the end of this quick post, I have reposted a Facebook message from a State-wide volunteer group, concerning the available opportunities to donate much-needed items.

To the list of items mentioned, I add that pre-paid credit cards are very helpful. Also, there have been requests for denture supplies and contact lens cleaners.

If you are able to help, there are drop off locations throughout Texas. To find the location nearest you, email

Also, this link may be helpful to some who are wanting to help out, or know someone who needs help:
"Food, snacks, water, diapers (both adult and baby), gowns, socks, slippers and any toiletries are the immediate needs of the displaced Texians.

"Local groups that are interested in collecting the above mentioned items, please drop me an email for instructions on how to get your donated items to the correct locations,

"In the following days we will organize a group interested in aiding the West citizens in clean up efforts, but we would like to meet their immediate needs in the critical hour. Thank you in advance."
Another Big Reason to Love Soap Nuts: They Are Multi-taskers

A couple years back I decided to try washing other things with Soap Nuts, just to see how well it worked. I made a liquid from them and used that to wash the toilets, the sinks, the dishes. I made a scrub with baking soda and Soap Nuts liquid and scrubbed at my stove top. I even used the scrub in the shower and used it as an exfoliant. It worked great!

I also washed my hair by scrubbing my scalp with baking soda. Then I poured some Soap Nuts liquid on my hair, rubbed that in really well, gave myself a conditioning rinse with vinegar, and thoroughly rinsed with clear water (so I wouldn't smell like a pickle!).

(Read Part 1)

Another Reason I LOVE Using Soap Nuts: They Are All-Natural

I have always enjoyed doing things a little more naturally if at all possible. I just think there's something special about living life just the way God intended, close to His creation. If I have a choice between toxic, man-made chemicals or safe, natural chemicals, I'll go with natural every time, if it is reasonably priced.

That's putting it a bit simplistically, but I hope you get my point.

I first started using Soap Nuts to wash my laundry a few years back. I was very skeptical at first, but I was shocked at the results from my first load: the clothes were clean and they smelled so clean! I had been so used to sniffing at perfumed-laden laundry detergent, I didn't know what clean smelled like! Now I never want to go back!
Soap Nuts with Laundry Bag

The soap nuts I sell have been certified by ECOCERT and the USDA as being organic.

So what does that mean?

  1. When squeezing lemons, it is advisable to wear plastic gloves if you have cuts on your fingers.
  2. If you are cutting jalapeños, DO NOT scratch that annoying itch at the corner of your eye.
  3. When practicing cocking a pistol, be aware that the slide can very painfully and very abruptly clamp down on a tiny piece of skin on your finger, causing pain.
  4. On a related note, when one's skin of one's finger is caught in the slide of a pistol, it is very nearly impossible to reopen the slide with one's free hand, because one cannot grasp the slide with the hand that is stuck in the slide.
  5. Always have a family member or friend nearby when practicing cocking your pistol for the very first time; you never know when they might come in handy.
  6. The kitchen tool called a "mandarin" is very sharp and can very quickly slice the tiny tip of a finger right off.
  7. Likewise, when slicing the last two or three inches of a carrot on a mandarin, it is recommended to be cautious.
  8. Also, blood in coleslaw is not agreeable.
  9. It is polite to place some sort of noticeable decal on one's sliding glass doors, so guests do not unexpectedly ram into said glass door.
  10. Cardboard cuts hurt more than paper cuts.
  11. Toilets used as planters in the front yard are not cute decor.
  12. Never buy a used mattress.
  13. One cat is cute. Ten stray cats are not cute, eat a lot of food, and make gardening nearly an impossible task.
  14. Building a fence around one's garden to keep out stray cats is more expensive than one might think.
  15. Nothing is ever free. Nothing.
  16. While an awesome, all-natural product, using soap nuts will not make you a super-hero. But almost!

Soap Nut Seeds


The soap nuts I sell are seedless. Which is a good thing, because first of all, the seeds - so I've heard - can stain your clothes if you wash with them. Second of all, soap nuts are packaged by weight; therefore, you get more for your money when you buy seedless soap nuts.

Out of the several bags I've used over the years, and the many others I've gone through to give out samples, I have found a couple of stray seeds, however. They are very easy to spot when you come across one, so don't be worried! I don't see how you can miss them!
Two soap nut seeds (Sapindus Mukorossi).

Looking up inside the beautiful dome.
What a fun time we had this week! We took a trip to the Texas State Capitol - a place that, sadly, we had never been before - and got a chance to see first hand not only our state government in action, but the beautiful architecture and history.

We brought rain with us, which made Austinites happy, and I came home sick, which did not make me happy, but it was well worth it! We had a great time, learned a lot, and spent precious time with one another and our extended family who lives in the area.

Here are some interesting pictures we took. I hope it inspires you to take a trip to your state capitol. Enjoy!

    Soap berries from Sapindus Mukorossi.

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